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Show older images on model page when a new version is released

Currently, all images are tied to the version of the model when the image was uploaded.This means that whenever a new version of the model is uploaded, the older images will no longer be visible, unless the user click on the older version of the model explicitly.I understand that this is to help users only see the images that are supposedly created by the new model, but that is not necessarily the case, because sometimes users don't update their current model because they've grown used to it, or because they use an online service that has not updated to the latest version. But they will continue to upload images to the "new version" anyway.Most people probably browse images via the "Most Reactions" so that they can see the "best" images for that model, either to just appreciate the image or to get ideas. They are probably not too concerned about which version of the model was used to create the image. Most of the time, prompts for older version works just as well on the new version.So it is a pity that these highly rated images suddenly "disappeared" when a new version of the same model is release. Many users, specially the new ones, probably don't even realize that they can see older images by click on the version tab. Even old time users like me sometimes forgets that.At the very least, it would be nice if civitai can provide an option for users to see "images from old versions", which IMHO, should also be the default.

NowhereManGo 9 days ago