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Filter Images suggestions

A couple of suggestions: -Ability to filter by checkpoint type (1.5, SDXL, etc). Ability to filter out images without full prompt data (has to have positive and negative prompts).I principally browse the imagery section to look for creative inspiration and tangible prompts which I can then replicate and adapt to my needs in an 'Everything is a Remix' fashion. I always upload workable prompts myself as I want to see people take them and adapt them, however, I get it that some people feel that their prompts are sacred or some such (and that's certainly their prerogative), but I'd like the ability to visually tune out their posts and avoid this a hundred times a day: - Filter by Checkpoint type would also be a huge godsend.

Mirabilis 3 days ago


Ability to downvote feature requests...

This all is referring to "Feature Requests", It could be applicable everywhere else, but most importantly I wrote this regarding feature requests.While it's nice to see the ability to vote as a community, there's one side of the equation that is missing (Down-voting for feature requests).Can't have good without the bad, cant have up without the down, cant have in without out. Duality is not only nature but it's in everything(but this part of the website).If people have the ability to upvote to push feedback, to promote a post to get others attentions, it should work the same way for negative feedback. This only upvote is an extremely flawed system which is completely based in how many of one person can convince others to upvote. With criticism it's a double edge sword. Not being able to downvote something "as a community/user" only shares 50% of the aspect. I understand you can just not upvote it but it IS NOT the same because it lacks user engagement for those who disagree and see other requests as more valid, and wanted/or not important enough etc.A wonderful example is how "Reddit" upvote/downvote system is a fine example of a balanced voting system.Some users are not interested in explaining their self when they choose to vote because they either don't have the time to explain their opinion or just simply don't want to, this should go both ways here at Feedback.CIvitai.You as a website (Civitai) should strive to implement this otherwise it's just a meaningless feature that shares zero insight of which is saying a lot. Remember, in order to improve (in everything) we must know the GOOD and the BAD.The star rating for models has this built into itself since it's a scale of 1-5 stars(both good and bad)(with mandatory uploading of images/typed out review to share why they chose a specific rating[1-5 stars]With only up-voting avail here to users, it's a flawed system of voting, we are only seeing 50% of the picture. This is just my take on it. I expect both negative and positive typed out responses otherwise what's the point in this data collection?I apologize if there are grammar errors in this, English and explaining myself was never a forte. Please don't send the police, and if so, I'll have donuts and hot coffee ready!Peace be with you.

SOLTIS 9 days ago


Social and Community


Search system improve

When you view a lot of search results, after a while new results stop loading after scrolling down. This is not the only problem - the page itself becomes too long. A way to solve the proplem is a page system, where you can scroll continuously. It can look like now, but "old" results will be removed from page. - Only three blocks (pages) remain active - the previous, current and next. This will allow you to smoothly delete results from which you have already moved away. - Also it would be nice to add page navigation (a small block with a number on the left or right). - Such page system will allow developers to add the page number to the address bar so that the user remains in the same place even after the page is reloaded.

Shio_N 9 days ago


Support StableSwarmUI Image Metadata

Simple request: support/recognize image metadata when an image was created in StableSwarmUI and uploaded to civitai, in the same way eg Auto WebUI metadata is recognized. See also original user request @ https://github.com/Stability-AI/StableSwarmUI/issues/164 StableSwarmUI saves image metadata in a simple JSON-based format otherwise equivalent to Auto WebUI (same exif keys).See code example, generic multi-UI-compatible parser here: https://github.com/Stability-AI/StableSwarmUI/blob/0cccc3ab9f939b1a827ef53e28bc1b2bfef9d199/src/wwwroot/js/genpage/main.js#L1102-L1243Specific example of Swarm's JSON:{ "sui_image_params": { "prompt": "a cat", "seed": 188307176, "steps": 20, "cfgscale": 7, "aspectratio": "1:1", "width": 1024, "height": 1024, "initimagecreativity": 0.6, "model": "OfficialStableDiffusion/sd_xl_base_1.0.safetensors", "negativeprompt": "", "swarm_version": "", "date": "2023-11-16", "generation_time": "0.00 (prep) and 6.91 (gen) seconds" }}

mcmonkey 13 days ago

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