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TOS Violations That shouldn't have been IMO

I was posting my first LORA on the site, and it was of a real person. I had a bunch of images struct down by the moderators. Most of the "violations" were ridiculous, because the real person is a female truck driver/youtuber, and my depictions reflected precisely how she dresses AT HER WORKPLACE every day. How do I know this? Because she posts videos of herself while working as a truck driver. So she obviously clearly consents to being seen that way.In fairness, a couple of them, I now understand, were actual violations, which I didn't know at the time, because I didn't see the Content Rules until just now. My suggestion is to provide a clearer way for people who post images to see the Content Rules before they post their images. Currently, the only place I saw the link was buried in the "Depicts an actual person..." message which isn't highly visible, and doesn't appear until after you try to post your model (as far as I can tell).Image rejected:Actual Image Of The Real Person At Work:

bobcat26 3 days ago


Content Quality and Moderation


Restrict reviews under 3 stars

When model creators share their creation for free to the community, why would a negative review even be allowed? Did model creators ask people to review them? I mean if the model is against the law or somehow unethical, a negative review is absolutely fIne. But always there are people who never read the descriptions and who are just bad at prompting, and they blame their poor skills on your model. It's like when you are hungry and someone offers you food for free, would you say 'oh, I am just gonna rate this food 2 star'. This is ridiculously disrespectful. It is because of this review system that make regular users take free models for granted. I can understand now why some big creators would leave the site. They contribute to the community without receiving deserved respect. I am not saying people can not leave a bad review, but could you at least add features to make sure users read descriptions before doing this terrible thing? And models should only receive below three stars if they are unethical or something?

EricZHU 4 days ago



Meta import from easy diffusion (json files)

Easy diffusion does not embed the meta data in the output images (png). But it has the option to create a json file with all informations like prompt, neg, lora, model, seed etc.A feature to upload, import or copy&paste the whole meta data from the json files would be great.Here is a short example of the file content (can be much more):{ "prompt": "a apple on a table, white background,", "seed": 2019858514, "used_random_seed": true, "negative_prompt": "Asian-Less-Neg , people", "num_outputs": 1, "num_inference_steps": 30, "guidance_scale": 6, "width": 568, "height": 800, "vram_usage_level": "balanced", "sampler_name": "dpmpp_2s_a", "use_stable_diffusion_model": "realisticFantasy_v20", "clip_skip": false, "use_vae_model": "", "stream_progress_updates": true, "stream_image_progress": false, "show_only_filtered_image": true, "block_nsfw": true, "output_format": "png", "output_quality": 75, "output_lossless": false, "metadata_output_format": "none", "original_prompt": "a apple on a table, white background, ", "active_tags": [], "inactive_tags": [], "use_lora_model": "add_detail", "lora_alpha": "0.9", "use_embeddings_model": [ "Asian-Less-Neg" ] }

Wartos 4 days ago

Upload Resource


remove star rating system or add function Ban/delete reviews/comments for authors

I suggest remove completely star rating system, or addfunction to delete reviews/and Ban some guys from your models(so they cant Simple see them), delete comments/cause they just spread on you removed models links reuploaded, and if authors want delete something authors dont want it getted claimed by noname stealer and reuploaded. For now its Just waste of nerves of authors. Im personally tired of this 4-star "critics" "" means sarcasm, yes. Anyway by this change authors can breath freely. Even YouTube removed dislike counts and other stuff, cause of same reason.Upd, authors even cant delete comments, with reuploading/stealing your content. Nice.Considering everything that happened, I think this place is like torrent site at the moment. Since your free content is judged on a five-point system, and your models are calmly stolen and re-uploaded, violating not only copyright but also moral standards. And you as authors only can "cry about" im cried about it, well dear admins, you do something about it?https://civitai.com/articles/3138/why-i-archived-all-stuff-expanded-answerHere i send is more Expanded article. Read it you want.

Iselestia 4 days ago