Option to sort by most downloaded out of uploaded past day/week/month/year/all time

Hi, I started Stable Diffusion and AI stuff in May, and back then, I'd just sort all models by most downloaded of all time and download the best ones. Now, many months and hundreds (thousands?) of uploads later, sorting via that method mixes new models in the results with preexisting models that have high downloads from being up so long. This hinders the ability to find the best models from the ones that were recently uploaded, ones that I don't already know of.

I'd like to propose a new dropdown menu that allows users to sort models by newest/highest rated/downloaded/etc out of models uploaded in a given timeframe such as the currently available day/week/month/year/all time, the only difference being that in addition to sorting by x metric, it only shows the ones that were uploaded in y time frame, therefore allowing users to more easily discover good new models.

I understand from the current behavior of uploads that an updated checkpoint of an existing model series will appear in the newer sections, so if the same occurs after my proposed feature is implemented, then it'd at least be consistent and shouldn't matter too much.

I hope some thought goes into adding this feature as this need was felt through months of using the site daily and I feel like it would really be welcomed by most users and shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Thanks for reading.

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9 months ago



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