Model Category Control: Let the model creator choose what category of image can be posted on their model

I want to share many models (for example children, clothing or art styles) but I am concerned that some people may misuse them to create offensive images, which I do not want to be associated with. This sometimes makes me hesitant to share my model links with family members or business partners. Anyone can download any model and do whatever they want but don't post it on the creator model page without permission. I believe that creators should have control over what types of images are associated with their models. One solution could be to allow creators to remove images that they do not approve of from their model page. However, this could create other issues. Instead, I suggest implementing a feature that allows creators to choose which types of images can and cannot be posted on their model page, such as NSFW or copyrighted content. This would give creators greater control over their work and help ensure that their models are being used in a respectful and appropriate manner. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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About 1 year ago



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