FRESH FIND: Only show models I haven't seen or liked yet

I love browsing the website for new models to discover, but: - When I sort by "most commented/reactions," it mostly shows popular models that I already know - When I sort by "newest," the quality is uncertain because no one has liked or commented yet. I would like to suggest new options: sorting by most comment/reactions but only showing models that I haven't liked or commented on yet. To help with this, I propose adding a "Quick Hide/Unhide" feature to the main page. This would allow users to quickly hide models that they have already liked, making it easier to search for new models that they haven't seen or liked before. This would greatly improve the browsing experience on your website and help users like myself discover new models more efficiently. Thank you for considering my suggestion. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this feature.

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About 1 year ago



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