View already downloaded models from within Website and/or as a separate function in SD Civitai Link

One of my favorite existing features of Civitai Link are the checkboxes next to models which have already been downloaded. I was wondering if it would be possible to implement that as a feature of the website, so that during periods when Civitai Link is not working, I can still see which models I have downloaded already, and which ones I have not.

An alternative option would be for that function to be run at the beginning of the Civitai Link Plugin, so that even if the rest of the functionality is not working, the user could still see what has been downloaded already, perhaps by creating a local index on the users PC, that would be updated whenever a file is downloaded from within the plugin.

I have no idea of which one would be easier to implement, and would suggest with going with whatever method is easiest for you guys.

Keep up the great work, I never cease to be amazed by what you have accomplished already.

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