TOS Violations That shouldn't have been IMO

I was posting my first LORA on the site, and it was of a real person. I had a bunch of images struct down by the moderators. Most of the "violations" were ridiculous, because the real person is a female truck driver/youtuber, and my depictions reflected precisely how she dresses AT HER WORKPLACE every day. How do I know this? Because she posts videos of herself while working as a truck driver. So she obviously clearly consents to being seen that way.

In fairness, a couple of them, I now understand, were actual violations, which I didn't know at the time, because I didn't see the Content Rules until just now. My suggestion is to provide a clearer way for people who post images to see the Content Rules before they post their images. Currently, the only place I saw the link was buried in the "Depicts an actual person..." message which isn't highly visible, and doesn't appear until after you try to post your model (as far as I can tell).

Image rejected:

Actual Image Of The Real Person At Work:

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