remove star rating system or add function Ban/delete reviews/comments for authors

I suggest remove completely star rating system, or addfunction to delete reviews/and Ban some guys from your models(so they cant Simple see them), delete comments/cause they just spread on you removed models links reuploaded, and if authors want delete something authors dont want it getted claimed by noname stealer and reuploaded. For now its Just waste of nerves of authors. Im personally tired of this 4-star "critics" "" means sarcasm, yes. Anyway by this change authors can breath freely. Even YouTube removed dislike counts and other stuff, cause of same reason.

Upd, authors even cant delete comments, with reuploading/stealing your content. Nice.

Considering everything that happened, I think this place is like torrent site at the moment. Since your free content is judged on a five-point system, and your models are calmly stolen and re-uploaded, violating not only copyright but also moral standards. And you as authors only can "cry about" im cried about it, well dear admins, you do something about it?

Here i send is more Expanded article. Read it you want.

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πŸ’‘ Feature Request


3 months ago



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