File names incorrect when downloading with wget

My connection can get a bit spotty so I'm using wget -c to download things.

While firefox gets the file name right, the default name wget chooses is a numerical id (the one at the end of the URL). --trust-server-names doesn't help either then I'm getting cloudflare mojibake as a filename, so currently I'm using -C (specify filename).

Using firefox really works out for simple failures but a) I have to resume manually and b) firefox seems to resume only the redirect to cloudflare, not from the original link, which means that resuming after a hangup will fail.

I'm not exactly that deep into http to know where exactly things go wrong (or where firefox gets the filename from) but one option might be to make the download links end in <numeric id>/<foo>.safetensors, the server could even ignore the legible file name part and only look at the id, while wget and everything else can pick up the filename.

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14 days ago



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