Option to limit amount of results per page? An alternative to infinite scroll.

I'd love to see an option in the settings to limit the amount of search/image results to a fixed number per page. You know the ones, 'show 25/50/100 posts per page' etc. Infinite scroll is cool and all, but it's always nice to have extra options. Added bonus would be that it would also be more accommodating for those with weaker hardware (or software, looking at you, Chrome!).

I know that those setups aren't exactly the core demographic for AI gen stuff but it's also not exactly uncommon to see mid- to low-range laptops and smartphones out there. Besides, I don't see how giving people extra options and choice while simultaneously opening a few potential doors for people can be considered a bad thing :P

Thanks for your time!

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💡 Feature Request


19 days ago



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