When submitting a bounty offer site said upload up to 10 sample images. Uploaded ten (took time to gen curate etc) and site deleted 6 of them leaving only 4 (apparently the max)

When responding to a bounty (which I did yesterday) the site gives you a standard uploader with text in the box saying upload up to ten image samples. I spent a bunch of time generating images to demonstrate my model offer, spent time diberating in which were best, and then uploaded ten. Next thing I know the site arbitrarily (?) Deleted 6 of them and only left 4 sample images for the user making the offer. It seems like 4 is the intended max, and the mention of ten on the uploader is prob default for reviews or posts. Regardless, it be great if those values could be synced to the intended max. Thx (and if somehow I misread or made a user error my sincerest apologies - thanks for reviewing!)

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3 months ago



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