We need a toggle to switch from Infinite Scroll to Pages.

The problem with infinite scroll happens when there's just so many items and one has to start from the beginning and scroll down to where you were on the search page, an option at the top to toggle like "Infinite Scroll <-> Pages" would be optimal. Try this:

Search for "Tea" to get a list of all models with tea in their name or an user with that name. Now, try to to click on a model to check it out, and then back to continue searching. Note how, after a while, looking at all models becomes prohibitive because of all the scrolling you have to do, if we had an option to switch to pages, you'd go back to, say, page 5, the models of pages 1-4 wouldn't be there, this is a better experience.

Pretend you managed to look at all of them and scroll to the bottom of the page. Now, search for "LemonTea", you'll get models that didn't appear when looking for "Tea", because they were eaten by the Infinite Scroll (the same happens on Youtube, those models would get a page at the end... if we had the option of using pages.)

People are currently getting to the bottom of the page and thinking they had seen all available models for their query when this isn't true, with pages they'll see pages they haven't visited yet, and find those models.

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9 months ago