Lots of unwanted duplicate article notifications

Every time the author of an article makes a change to the text, a notification of the new article is sent to all subscribers. While the author is correcting errors and completing the text, dozens of identical garbage events accumulate in the notification feed.

Maybe it makes sense to keep one single notification when an article is published, and not to create a notification every time an article is changed?

Also, idea: leave the option for the author to deliberately create a notification to subscribers (checkbox "notify subscribers" when saving edited article, NOT enabled by default). The essence of the idea: the author can make an important addition to the text of the article, add a lesson, correct a very important error, etc. That is, there may be a case when the author, when editing an article, may deliberately want to notify his subscribers to read the changes.

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πŸͺ² Bug


24 days ago



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