I have been muted

I got notice by a user, that a picture I uploaded, would cause a warning. Not wanting to get anyone banned, I did a dumb thing - trying to figure out, what was the problem. Now, I'm not much wiser - something about minor wrongdoing !? Maybe I'm hitting the language barrier here, but the result is: "You cannot create new generations because you have been muted".

A) How long will I be mute?

B) Could your make your automated system a little more chatty, to give a hint what the problem is, so I can avoid uploading problematic prompts in the future?

EDIT: Now I feel dumb, not "minor wrongdoing", but "minor" as in "not old enough". I guess I was on the right track, but my last attempt to add an age, was probably to little to late (or at the wrong end of the prompt).

A more chatty error message could be "You didn't add enough info for our AI to guess the resulting age, so add an appropriate age in the prompt".

Anyways: How long will a muting usually last?

EDIT: Should I remove my posts, since most don't include age in the first place? I mean, not wanting anyone to get banned led to this in the first place...

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24 days ago



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