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My model lora Hash might be wrong?

My lora (NSFW) cumrag hash it's reported hash on the website as BFD09EC20D, but the one on my Automatic1111 is a03a0e4f7f6b. I have the Civitai extension. And I have re downloaded it from the website an it still reports the same hash. Any images I use my lora and another lora, when I upload it on the other persons lora's my resource won't be recognized. I think the site registered my lora with a wrong hash. And actually the picture report a completely different hash (and a unrecognized tag), see this one for example: https://civitai.com/images/2671280?period=AllTime&sort=Newest&view=categories&username=diogod&withMeta=false it shows as a hash 2797c8acdf. How could I fix this? I already tried uninstalling the extension.

diogod 4 days ago